Landowner Assistance Program Updated:01/2013

Robbins Lumber has three licensed foresters, who not only work on the 27,000 acres of company land, but also help private landowners.  We have helped hundreds of private landowners over the years, our foresters primarily assist in Waldo, Knox, Lincoln and Kennebec counties.  They can also assist landowners in Sagadahoc, Androscoggin, Hancock and southern Penobscot county. Anyone is eligible for our assistance.

Initial Visit
A forester will meet with the landowner; do a walk of the property to find out what the landowner wants, and the state of the woodlot.  We do not charge for the first two hours of the initial visit. 

Forest Management Plans
Plans can include, mapping, boundary identification, timber inventory, access issues, as well as many others.  Our plans can be done to satisfy the requirements for the Maine Tree Growth Program or be more elaborate to capture a landowners special interests.

Harvest Planning and Supervision
This involves providing a reputable logging contractor, identifying woodyard locations, skid trail placement, timber marketing, wetland delineation, and water quality practices.  For more information on Maine's Best Management Practices, please visit the Maine Forest Service's website at

Timber Harvest Contracts
A contract is signed by the landowner and logger to determine a time line, log and pulp value, and other issues are agreed upon prior to a harvest.  We recommend contractors that we personally know, and who have proven to us that they can be trusted to do a good job.

Boundary Line Maintenance
Maine State law requires that all boundaries are well marked when harvesting wood within a certain distance of boundary lines.  As licensed foresters we can maintain your lines (brushing out, repainting blazes, etc.).  We can't create a new line, only licensed surveyors can do this.

Forest Regulation Interpretation
This includes local shore land zoning and its application to timber harvesting.  Also, the Forest Practices Act, liquidation laws, tree growth tax laws and others.

All services mentioned are enhanced with our in-house GIS (Geographic Information Systems).  For each property we work on, the boundary lines are digitized and over-layed with any relevant information.  This can include streams, wetlands, aerial images, topography, soils, endangered species, etc.  Custom data can also be created using GPS on your property to identify trails, special sites, deer trails, vernal pools and any other information a landowner wanted to have mapped.  All maps are saved in our GIS and can be changed over the years as your property may change.  We can also teach you how to navigate your property with the maps created and a compass or GPS.

Timber Evaluation
Our foresters can come to your woodlot and give you a volume and value estimate of the standing timber.

All of our foresters are licensed in the State of Maine.  To be licensed in Maine, an individual must attain a four year degree from an accredited university, undergo a two year apprenticeship under a licensed forester and pass an exam.  Give us a call or send an email for any other information.

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Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Androscoggin County, Maine
  • Hancock County, Maine
  • Kennebec County, Maine
  • Knox County, Maine
  • Lincoln County, Maine
  • Penobscot County, Maine
  • Sagadahoc County, Maine
  • Waldo County, Maine