Maine Conservation Success Stories

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He Speaks For The Sea


Whale watch guide includes puffins in his repertoire Whale watch guide includes puffins in his repertoire


Robbins Lumber and their 23,000 acre Conservation Easement


The Robbins decided to place a conservation easement on the whole area to protect it as a working forest to provide logs for the mill but also to protect the abundant wildlife


Hanging Ten Sustainably


Maine surfboard maker creates beautiful and durable blend of form and function out of sustainably grown wood from local forests. We’re proud to be in Maine supporting Maine businesses. 


Making a difference for landowner customers in Maine’s woods


Low-impact forester overcomes challenges to improve landowners’ forest lands.  Robert Nelson believes that good forest management almost always improves wildlife habitat. You can manage your land to improve your timber. Forest health is also another big concern, because it increases resilience to disease and climate change stressors.