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The mission of Two Toad Farm is to protect farmland from development by placing it into active, sustainable crop production.  This helps to stabilize the local food supply, employs local people, and provides options for fresh, healthy produce. 

Our farming philosophy focuses on the health of the soil.  Every decision made relates to soil health and fertility.   Two Toad Farm engages in extensive cover cropping for fertility, weed management, and erosion control.  Most every plot receives three different cover crops each season in addition to the herb or vegetable harvested for market. 

Healthy soil is living.  It is made up of a community of millions of bacteria, fungi, nematodes, invertebrates, and vertebrates.  This community must be cultivated as intensively as cash crops, because when healthy, it works tirelessly day and night to assist plants with healthy, vigorous growth. 

The development of Two Toad Farm’s philosophy is attributed in large part to the work of Sir Albert Howard during the early 1900’s.  His book, The Soil and Health: A study of Organic Agriculture, is a must read.  Another very important work is Mycellium Running: How Mushrooms can Help Save the Planet by Paul Stamets.  This is probably the most important contemporary work for land managers and planners to read that will allow them insight into the most affordable, sustainable, and EFFECTIVE remediation techniques available.  Mycellium Running is a MUST READ for anyone who owns a shovel.

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