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Maine Pellet Heating Dealer and Installer – Oil Furnace Alternatives
With all the wood fuel growing in this state, Maine needs companies to turn our plentiful wood resource into reliable, convenient heat for homes and small businesses. By our partnership with Corinth Wood Pellets, Inc., ReVision Heat delivers that service to Greater Bangor, Maine and to Greater Portland, Maine.

ReVision Heat supplies all the elements of wood pellet heating technology – system design, equipment, installation, maintenance, support and pellet fuel from locally-grown wood.

Convenient heat from the solar energy stored in Maine wood.
Bulk delivery (no bags) of wood pellet fuel to Bangor and Portland area customers directly from our pellet manufacturing plant in Corinth, Maine, just 22 miles from downtown Bangor.

Pellet and wood heating is our only business and we supply all components of the pellet heating solution.

The ReVision engineering team has been installing wood and pellet boiler systems for 7 years as the solid fuels division of ReVision Energy of Portland and Liberty, Maine, the leading Maine solar power and solar hot water installer.

In 2009, ReVision Heat was formed in partnership with Corinth Wood Pellets, Inc. to develop complete wood pellet heating services in the Bangor and Portland areas.

Corinth Wood Pellets has been in continuous operation just up the road from Bangor since 2007.

The Corinth plant is currently producing pellets from Maine-grown wood at the rate of 100,000 tons per year for markets throughout the northeastern U.S. As part of ReVision Heat LLC, Corinth makes wood pellet fuel for direct delivery from the factory to Bangor home and business owners.

The Corinth pellet production system has been continuously upgraded to drive advances in pellet quality standards that ensure consistently reliable heating system operation. Corinth Pellets is a member of the U.S.-based Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI) and a founding member of the Maine Pellet Fuels Association (MPFA), working at the forefront of pellet technology and quality standards in North America.

George Soffron, President and CEO of Corinth Wood Pellets, is currently President of the MPFA.

With Corinth Wood pellets as part of the ReVision Heat partnership, ReVision manages the equipment sold, the system design, installation, equipment maintenance as well as the quality of pellets – to cover all aspects of successful heating in our customers’ homes and businesses.

ReVision Heat believes that heating with Maine wood pellets makes simple sense and we’ve built the company to make it happen.
Heating Maine buildings with Maine wood makes sense for the homeowner.
Maine has abundant wood, making locally-controlled pellets more stable in price than oil from world markets. Maine heating oil prices are higher than wood pellets on a dollars-per-Btu basis, and propane prices are much higher. Fossil fuel prices are trending upward again widening the difference between heating oil and pellet costs.

Heating with wood is good for the environment.
In our old Maine housing stock we need to burn fuel to stay warm. Pellets from renewable trees are environmentally far superior to fossil fuels. Wood fuels are solar energy stored by plants now – not thousands of years ago.

Burning renewably-produced wood pellets continues the natural recycling of carbon from the forest to the air and back to the forest, whereas burning fossil fuels introduces new carbon to the atmosphere – carbon which had been safely stored deep in the earth for thousands of years. Therefore, wood pellets have 90% lower net carbon emissions per BTU than heating oil.

Source for chart on right: University of Wisconsin, July, 2007 – data based on the assumption that forests will be harvested in a sustainable fashion so trees can perform their role in the sequestration of carbon. Wood pellets are not entirely carbon neutral because some fossil fuel is required for the harvesting of trees and shipment of wood and pellets.

Compared to fuel oil, pellet burning produces far lower levels of sulfur compounds because sulfur is virtually absent from wood, lower levels of nitrogen compounds and particulate discharges that are lower than oil and very comparable to natural gas.

Heating with wood pellets benefits the local economy.
76% of the money being spent by Mainers for heating oil goes directly out of Maine, a huge annual drain to Maine’s economy. At October 2009 heating oil prices, oil purchases for Greater Bangor homes will siphon $40 million per year from the Bangor regional economy.

By contrast, burning Maine wood recycles money to the Maine economy, helping to keep people employed in numerous forest product industries. Also, if brisk pellet sales can help keep Maine’s forest economy strong, Maine forest management and the forest resource itself should be enhanced for continued wood production and for other values of forest preservation.

Heating with wood just makes sense in Maine.
Maine has a large wood fuel resource located close to where people need heat. It can be used responsibly, sustainably and economically to keep many people warm.

A small percentage of Maine’s sustainable wood harvest can heat a substantial portion of Maine homes and businesses. Maine is 90% forested and yet we are 80% dependant on oil for heat – a situation that simply does not make sense. Revision Heat has put together the pieces necessary to change that situation.

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