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Since 1965, Community Concepts, Inc. has offered a variety of housing, economic development and social services for the communities of Androscoggin, Franklin and Oxford counties of Maine. These services support both the basic needs of low income families and promotes self-sufficiency. Click here for more on our History.

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Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program

Efficiency Maine announced the launch of the Multifamily Efficiency Program, an initiative targeting comprehensive energy efficiency in Maine’s small to medium multifamily buildings.
 Community Concepts is pleased to announce that we are a Qualified Program Partner for this new, exciting, innovative program for Efficiency Maine. 

Efficiency Maine new Multifamily Efficiency Program targets comprehensive energy efficiency within Maine properties that consist of 5-20 unit buildings.  The successful launch of this program aims to reduce the energy consumption of multifamily buildings by approximately 20% per building.  The HEET program is able to provide to any building owner that is interested, specific project quotes with estimated financial incentives and payback calculations in order for you to make the best informed decision about the retrofit that work best for you.

EfficiencyMaineis offering a very generous incentive package that includes:

  •  $200.00 per unit for an energy audit modeling plan paid directly to landlord once Energy Reduction Plan is approved.
  • $1,400 per unit or 50% of project retrofit cost, whichever is less, paid directly to landlord once final inspection and approval of installed measures.

Nothing to Lose………

As part of the program, we will provide an initial benchmark analysis of your building in order to determine if proceeding with an energy audit would be beneficial.  If our benchmark results determine that a specific building would not be able to achieve the 20% savings from a comprehensive retrofit, than we will inform you of the results and not try to sell you the unnecessary energy audits.  If the results show the required savings, than you can make the informed decision to proceed with the audits.

Let us do all of the work for you………..

Our multifamily energy audits are a flat fee of $200 per unit, which will be reimbursed to you from Efficiency Maine by program incentives once Community Concepts submits your approved Energy Reduction Plan to Efficiency Maine on your behalf.  During this energy audit we will complete a comprehensive energy modeling plan, specific to each building which will include blower door testing and the use of infrared technology.

Once the Energy Reduction Plan is approved by Efficiency Maine we can provide you with a detailed price of the retrofit, work with a highly qualified weatherization contractor to completed the work, provide program management while work is in process which can include answering all questions and the completion of at least 3 in progress inspections. 

Once the energy retrofit is completed, we will provide a final inspection to verify that all work was completed as modeled and will submit all required final paperwork to Efficiency Maine on your behalf in order for you to receive the final incentive.

If you would rather do some work yourself……….

Sometimes we understand that owners would rather choose a contractor of their choice and oversee the retrofit.  If you choose to complete this path, we can still offer you some services that can help you along the way.

We will provide in progress inspections to verify that the scope of work is being completed correctly as determine by the energy reduction plan.  We will complete a minimum of 3 site visits at $100.00 per visit.

Once the energy retrofit is completed, we will provide a final inspection to verify that all work was completed as modeled and will submit all required final paperwork to Efficiency Maine on your behalf in order for you to receive the final incentive.  The cost of the final inspections, which will include reporting, is $200.00 per unit.

Let Community Concepts use our expertise to provide a “one stop shopping” experience for you.  Work with us from the benchmarking to final inspection and let us handle all of the paperwork and hassle, while you enjoy the reduced energy consumption and operating costs!!


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