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Real Estate Consulting Group

The Real Estate Consulting Group's focus is on appraisal and land planning.

Helping Landowners Make Informed Decisions.
For owners of significant real estate assets who wish to plan for

  • continued stewardship,
  • acquisition,
  • management,
  • estate planning, or
  • disposition of their real estate.

    Our Process: LandVest's Real Estate Consulting Group offers comprehensive land planning and appraisal services.
    The process is straightforward -

  • We first consult with each client to determine his or her concerns and objectives.
  • We work with families and institutions where goals may be conflicting or unclear.
  • We help sort through these issues.
  • Our land planners, appraisers, and GIS specialists will identify and maximize the value of your unique property by defining its potential through creative planning and design techniques, tied to market realities.

    In sum, we provide our clients with the information necessary to make an informed decision.

    Our Expertise: As advisors to owners of significant real estate over the last 30 years, LandVest knows many of the major properties in the Northeast and beyond. Because we have been a leading firm in marketing luxury real estate, our appraisers possess market knowledge second to none. Excellent appraisal work rises far above looking at comparable sales. It comes from understanding the subtleties of each property and transaction.

    What is the Objective?
    We work with clients to use this knowledge of their property to develop a set of choices and to understand the financial implications of each choice. Depending on each client's objectives, such choices may include:

  • sale of all or a portion of the property,
  • gifting to the next generation,
  • conservation of all or a portion of the property through Conservation Easements,
  • charitable gift,
  • development of the property, or limited development,
  • purchase of abutting property.

    LandVest is experienced in the planning and regulatory process, gaining approvals, and in managing land development. Our skills include negotiating complex transactions and conflict resolution for our clients.

    With MAI designated professionals, land use planners, and persons with hands-on development skills, LandVest is an industry leader in:

    Because of LandVest's reputation, as well as well-established contacts with land use specialists, appraisers, and attorneys nationwide that can be brought in on special projects, LandVest has been awarded assignments throughout the country, the Caribbean, and Europe.

    Timberland Group

    LandVest's Timberland Group has been delivering the highest standard of service available in the marketplace.

    The Timberland Division provides forest management services to about 500,000 acres of land owned by investors, trusts and families. They also provide due diligence services for most of the large industrial acquisitions around the eastern US, but are expanding in the west as well. They have offices in the east and the south.

    Our Commitment: Helping Landowners Make Informed Decisions. As public opinion, environmental constraints, and markets have changed, so too have the needs of private landowners, public constituencies, forest industry, and society. Throughout this evolution, LandVest has been a constant presence.

    Our Strength: LandVest's strength lies in our team of professionals. By maintaining a diverse staff of highly educated and experienced people, we are able to tackle the most challenging and complicated projects. The sum of our collective talents is the working capital we deliver to our clients.

    LandVest's Timberland Group specializes in three core service areas:

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