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EASI develops and advances the market for compensatory mitigation credits in the U.S.  The term 'mitigation credits' includes wetland and stream credits as well as conservation credits (aka habitat and species credits). These credits offer landowners new revenue opportunities in parallel with compatible farm and ranch management practices. We offer one-of-a-kind, business-oriented products and services that lower landowner risk and optimize return on mitigation bank investments. 

Since the late 1990s our team has helped shape the national conversation about the value of mitigation credits and the importance of centralizing and improving the U.S. mitigation credit marketplace.

EASI offers the following products and services to assist with understanding and developing mitigation banks on farms and ranches or for properties owned by business and industry.

     Eco-Asset Hot Spot Analysis

This is a quick and effective methods of prioritizing acres likely to contain high-value habitat types such as wetlands, streams, grasslands and certain woodlands, OR related high-value species.  This analysis includes review of available mitigation credit price records to prioritize new mitigation bank development opportunities.  We will also conduct a review of nearby available credits to understand potential competition from other mitigation credit sellers.

     Property Mitigation Credit Development

EASI uses a three-part approach to help landowners navigate the mitigation credit development pathway. 

The first phase includes a Hot Spot Analysis described above, then adds estimated costs and potential ROI/NPV for a new mitigation banking project including costs of a conservation easement endowment as well as any agency processing fees.  Phase 1 also includes a review of potential mitigation credit buyers in the project service area to better understand opportunities for mitigation credit sales.

In Phase 2 EASI guides the landowner through the agency application, review and permitting steps.  This leads to identification of a mitigation bank sponsor and land trust, creation of a formal conservation easement and allocation of monies to the endowment fund.  The end result is an approved compensatory mitigation bank and a mitigation credit release schedule allowing credits to be taken to market.

In Phase 3 EASI assists with selling approved, released mitigation credits.  EASI can help qualify buyers and facilitate the paperwork necessary to complete a compensatory mitigation credit transaction.

     Building the National Mitigation Credit Marketplace

EASI is developing a nationwide marketplace for mitigation credits by creating a centralized destination for buyers and sellers.  This will increase mitigation credit volume and liquidity, improve market transparency, and reduce mitigation credit transaction costs.  The net effect will be to reduce market risk, improve market efficiency and expand market participation.

About EASI

With more than 20 years serving landowners, business and industry as well as government agencies across the U.S., EASI team members understand the eco-asset value chain from development a permitting to pricing and sales.  

Our proprietary Mitigation Credit Price Report and its companion Mitigation Credit Availability Report provide real-time, value-based insights into the business case for new mitigation bank projects.  Our Mitigation Bank Financial Calculator can estimate return on investment as well as net present value for any sized mitigation banking project. 

Our goal is to take the guesswork out of the process and to provide answers to all landowner questions about how to develop conservation easements and sell mitigation credits from a property.  

For more information contact: or call 415-706-6154.

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