Maine Woodland Owners Updated:04/2017

As of their Annual Meeting in January 2017, the Small Woodland Owners Association became the Maine Woodland Owners.  Small Woodland Owners Association of Maine (SWOAM) was founded in 1975 and is a statewide organization of non industrial private landowners. Their mission is to promote sound forest management and strengthen long-term woodland stewardship.

SWOAM's focus is providing information and education to all small non-industrial landowners in Maine. The Land Trust program is dedicated to maintaining small well managed woodlands by actively managing its own lands and monitoring working forest conservation easements on other lands.

In addition to assisting its members, SWOAM is concerned with public awareness. The cumulative importance to Maine's economy and ecology of a large number of managed forest units is stressed, particularly in areas experiencing development pressures.

Although a non-governmental organization, SWOAM works closely with the Maine Forest Service, University of Maine's College of Natural Resources, Agriculture & Forestry, Resource Conservation and Development Areas (RC&Ds), the Cooperative Extension Service, and other forestry-related organizations.

In 1990 SWOAM established a land trust program through which it accepts gifts of land and conservation easements on productive forest land.


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